"Where there is no love, put love, and there you will find love."

- St John of the Cross

We Are One Family

Bumblebee is an enterprise system that operates with this understanding, and our products and projects ensure that at every step we remain faithful to this understanding. And to this message, our trade mark looks after the planet, its people and its animals. Our products are made in integrity.




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  Our Not For Profit  Programs  are  designed  to provide economic and social empowerment that respects all life and the environment, seeing all as sacred and business as  fair and equal exhange for the  good of all. Program names include Rainbowhands and Noah's Ark which represent  Universal Hope.






Global Cottage Industries  




    Creative  Global Renewal Projects  exists to enable sustainable holistic design, manufacture and marketing of quality ''hand made one of a kind.-product'' in fair trade  with shared profit. We exist to nurtUre creativity,  as to bring about pure possibility and the MANUFACTURING of quality lasting and respected product.  The wellbeing of the creator/WORKER and  their uniqueness is paramount. We see this as important to wellness in all our societies.  We desire and end to  the focus on a 'throw away' 'no value' society in our manufacturing process. We encourage the care of the workers  and the  design of the program is focused on the nurture of potential, education and  supports the holistic wellbeing  of  a  number of circles  of women and their fair trade manufacutring  around the globe.  These circles  

( hives ) align and work together when needed  for the greater good of all particularely when developing projects that support food security, agriculture and medical best practice, such as maternal health.   








      Pauline Crosbie assisting with consultation,  creative Art and Design,  program and project facilitation.and management.

 A message of  real Hope  

  Bumblebee Noah's Ark,in collaboration with its partners, is focused on creative  education,design, shipments and recycling projects  such as C.R.E.A.TE  community rehabilitation education and training enterprises.  And our Food for Food project  - creative environamental organic awareness from seed to table.We do this in support of  sanctuary for children and animals around the Globe '

The work, its administration and projects are  sustained by a  tithing  given  from the  shared profits that are derived  from our Rainbow Hands programs  - we work together and we share our resoruces CELEBRATING   our creative difference and skills as to  be our greatest and highest good in service to others.




Bumblebee Foundation and its GLOBAL RENEWAL PROJECTS, by appointment is facilitating, brokering and consulting the Lopit Executive Council representing the six payams of the Lopit peoples in Australia. The outcome is to develop a unified process leading to the sustainable solutions for economic, medical, educational and agricultural systems in the Lopit Mountains South Sudan for the entire people of the Lopit including the 4,OOO people of the Tennet living in the area,

The Lopit people are an ethnic group found in Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan.[1] Traditionally, they refer to themselves as donge (plural) or dongioni (singular). The Lopit number 80,000 to 100,000 people[2] living in the Lopit area, in the Lopit mountains which extend from the east to the north of Torit.

The Lopit area borders Pari to the north, Bari to north west, Lokoya and Otuho to the west, Otuho and Dongotono to the south, and Toposa and Boya to the east.[3] Lopit comprises 55-57 villages. Imehejek is the headquarters of Lopa county and is located in the Lopit area. There are four payams (administrative areas)[4] in the Lopit area: Imehejek

(eastern / centre), Lohutok and Hejuhiteng (south), Harihilo (north), Longiro and Bule (western / centre). 







2.upload_owner#action=shareContainer of Care Aids Fire Victims in South - United Religions ...

3.Australian Container of Hope Aids Philippine Flood Victims - United ...

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Container of Care Aids Fire Victims in South Sudan

On Feb. 21, 2012, a fire swept through the Locaruk village in the Lopit Mountains of South Sudan, burning everything to the ground and leaving more than 5,000 Lopit people without homes or possessions.
When news of the devastating fire reached Australia, members of the Lopit community in Melbourne contacted the
Bumblebee Global Renewal Projects Cooperation Circle. The Australian CC has aided other victims of natural disasters by finding and filling entire 40-foot shipping containers with food, clothing and emergency supplies – and by making the containers part of their donation.

While Bumblebee members put out a call for clothing, food, medical supplies, sewing machines, organic seeds, hand tools, school books and construction materials (including a water tank), students from St. Gerard’s Primary School in North Dandenong painted the inside of the container with designs inspired by Lopit culture. Bumblebee members hope the container will be used as an emergency shelter – and perhaps as part of the rebuilt Locaruk village.

On Oct. 19, at a special Children’s Mission Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne, Bishop Vincent Boi Na of Ghana blessed a special cross made from Australian redgum. The cross, a gift of the St. Gerard’s students, will accompany the other items in the Bumblebee container as a symbol of hope and of connection between the two communities.

The container departed Melbourne aboard the Safmarine Mulanje on Oct. 30, and is expected to reach Locaruk in early January.
In addition, the Bumblebee CC has continued to work closely with members of the local Lopit community in Melbourne. With the help of advisors from
St. John’s Regional College, Bumblebee chair and founder Pauline Crosbie has helped a group of Lopit women develop a cooking group called Ngeita – “running feet” – selling handmade biscuits, sweets and traditional sauces and preserves.

After the success of the project, and with the training of the Lopit women in the kitchens, The Executive invited a member of the Longiro Payam, Obura Gringi to travel to the Lopit Mountains and to visit all the Payams and to access the needs of the people.-and to create dialogue with the Payams chefs to develop a circle of understanding and unity of Purpose 


 Our focus  is on healthy happy sustained

 united communities   who care for

animals and the  skin of the land.




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 SEE LINK http://uriseapac.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/cc-in-focus-bumblebee-foundation/


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